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ork01-19-2018 0▓8:58 BJTChinese children spend too much time studying and not enough on activities that develo▓p their social skills, which could affect their ability

to forge personal and professional relation▓ships as adults, research shows.A study by the China National Children's Center found▓ that while 48 percent of youngsters attend cram sessions a▓fter school, more than half say they rarely have ti▓me to play with friends.The Blue Book of Chi▓ldren: The Annual Report on Children's Participation 2017, which was released on Thursday, also found almost a third of primary school children spend more than two hours on homework on s▓chool days, twice the maximum time recommended for that age group by the Ministry ▓of Education.The findings are based on a yearlong study beginning in September 2016 of 8,847 children in fifth grade and above. Res

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